© squirrelrehabilitation.com, 2011 Emergencies: If you have an emergency situation regarding a squirrel or squirrels, please click on the link “Infants/Found Babies” above if you found a baby squirrel or the link “Forum” above if you have an injured or ill adult.  This site is being developed to provide a place for squirrel rehabilitators, veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and those who are simply interested in squirrels a place to go to seek and provide, in a professional manner, information regarding the rehabilitation and raising of and care for squirrels. It is anticipated that this site will include peer-reviewed articles/entries on all aspects of care--raising, illness and injury, medications, nutrition, and so forth-- in an effort to develop consensus and provide ourselves and the public with the most accurate and up-to-date information available.  Many other websites regarding squirrel care exist.  Most of these, however, are sites developed by individuals who have their own ideas regarding rehabilitation that may or may not be the most advisable or effective. It is hoped that this site will provide a series of guidelines that can be considered “best practices,” agreed upon by a majority of professionals and paraprofessionals who are involved in wildlife rehabilitation and who are willing to become a part of this site’s development. While contributors and members from the scientific community are most welcomed, most wildlife rehabilitators are not scientists, so it is hoped that the information provided on this site will be presented in a language accessible to all.  Conversely, while most rehabilitators are not scientists, it is expected that contributions will be well researched and information credited to source(s) when appropriate. Along with this site itself, a forum will be developed for members to discuss/debate issues regarding squirrel rehabilitation--again, in a professional manner.