© squirrelrehabilitation.com, 2011 The Basics Feeding Babies Properly feeding and stimulating (see stimulation link under “Infants/Found Babies”) a healthy baby squirrel is absolutely THE most important part of its care.  If either is not done correctly, it can quickly lead to illness and death.  Do NOT take shortcuts or make guesses. Follow these directions exactly.  The baby’s life is literally in your hands. NEVER FEED A BABY SQUIRREL COW’S MILK, PET MILK, EVAPORATED MILK, HUMAN BABY FORMULA, HOME MADE FORMULAS, OR KITTEN FORMULA! Baby squirrels have proven to do best on puppy replacement formula, which will be addressed shortly, or you can go to the “Formula” link under the “Infants/Found Babies” menu button above.  Please click the “Next” button below to continue.