© squirrelrehabilitation.com, 2011 The Basics Formula Perhaps no greater controversy exists among rehabilitators--from individuals who raise a few squirrels a year to large centers who raise hundreds--than that which involves what to feed squirrels, including babies.  However, most, if not all, agree that puppy milk replacer is the best substitute for a mother squirrel’s milk.  Many websites and individuals have recommendations on how to alter commercially produced formulas to make them “better”--adding whipping cream, yogurt, baby foods, rodent block dust, (one poster on a site even recommends a “touch of bourbon”), and so forth--and these additions may not be harmful, but until more of a consensus  is obtained, the best formulas for baby squirrels are those that are nutritionally complete and adequate without modification.  Below is a discussion of some commercially manufactured milk replacers.  They are ranked in order of preference.  As with everything on this site, this information is subject to change as professional rehabilitators investigate and discuss. Fox Valley 32/40 and 20/50 Day One Formulas These are the only (known) formulas commercially available that are specifically designed for squirrels.  The 32/40 (32% protein/40% fat) is for squirrels three weeks and under (although some rehabilitators continue using this mixture up to weaning).  The 20/50 (20% protein/50%fat) is for squirrels four weeks and up. Many rehabilitators have had great success using these formulas. Unfortunately, they are available only online (see links below), but the company’s owner is known to go out of his way to expedite shipping. Goat’s Milk Esbilac Goat’s Milk Esbilac (GME) is a very good formula to use, particularly for extremely small babies (under 14 grams), flying squirrel babies, babies who are severely compromised (very ill or injured), and babies who cannot tolerate or are allergic to the cow’s milk proteins used in other formulas.  Many pet and feed stores carry (GME).  Unfortunately, many carry only the canned version and not the powder.  The canned version is fine to use, but care must be taken that it’s not allowed to spoil.  The powdered version can be purchased at this site. Zoologic 33/40 Zoologic 33/40 is supposed to be the same formulation as the older, usable version of Esbilac.  If so, it is suitable for raising squirrels.  This can be purchased at these two sites. Foxvalleynutrition.com squirrelsandmore.com squirrelsandmore.com squirrelstore.com